Frameset Circular Wall Formwork System

It is a formwork system with a sheet metal surface, used for concrete walls with circular form. It allows practical use with various diameters. It is possible to use it for a long time, thanks to durable accessories. Reliable and smooth concrete casting can be performed without using anchorage shaft and additional reinforcing belts with FRAMESET Circular Column Formworks. Panels which are manufactured as two separate semicircles are connected securely with FS MAX 80 CLAMP.

• It is sufficient for us to increase the number of locks in order to perform secure casting at various desired concrete pressures (due to formwork height, concrete casting speed, etc. reasons).
• Panels are delivered ready to be used to the consruction site. Panels which are installed during the first supervision stage of the project can be easily circulated during casting. This way, fast circulation is ensured.
• Circular columns are constructed completely of steel. They are manufactured of two separate panels in the form of semicricles and Framset frame profile is used at the joints of these semicricles. Anchorage holes are punched on this frame with 40 cm intervals. Tie-rods are connected to these holes and a formwork system which can withstand quite high concrete pressures have been designed.