Modset Column Formwork System

MODSET® Modular Formwork System consists of plywood or steel surfaced panels. It is used as wall or column formwork for buildings such as villa, residence and infrasructure. Because it  consists of hand-held panels, it is an ideal solution for buildings where crane is not used. It can be used for every project and at any point of a project with MODSET-S Special Formwork System solutions. Outer carcass of  MODSET® panels with steel surface uses 5 mm and their surface sheeting use 3 mm A quality steel sheet metal. Outer carcass height is 60 mm.
Surface of MODSET® panels with plywood surface consists of high quality 18 mm thick birch plywood, weighing 11,5 kg/m2 with  200 gr/m2 phenolic film. Supporting outer carcass is 5 mm thick and inner carcass is 4 mm thick. Outer carcass height is 70 mm.
• Panels have 40 kN/m2 concrete compression strength.
• MODSET® panels can be carried by men. They can also be carried by a crane in blocks.
• MODSET® Modular Formwork System can be used for every project and at any point of a project.
• Panels are interlocked with a single blow of a hammer, thanks to a special single connection clamp.
• Formwork solution, suitable for every building is created with MODSET-S Special Formwork System, such as stair formwork and marquee formwork.
• A rigid connection is formed by using a connection clamp every 20 cm, using a system of series of holes for panel connections.