Woodset Wooden Girdered Wall Formwork System

WOODSET® Wooden Girdered Formwork System consists of 3 main components, namely plywood, wooden girder and band steel. WOODSET® Wooden Girdered Formwork System is a flexible system which can be adapted for various projects and strengths. It is used as curtain, circular curtain, single sided curtain, column and adjustable column formwork for various buildings, such as industrial buildings, infrastructure construction, residence construction and retaining walls.
• Panels in various strengths and dimensions are obtained by tailoring wooden girders and steel belt components.
• Panels which are prepared at the beginning of a project can be carried easily by a crane without any need for dismantling until the end of the project, to save labor costs and time.
• Formwork circulation speed increases as panel dimensions increase.
• Strength of column formworks that are 10 m high maximum is 90 kN/m2, strength of wall formwok panels that are 5 m high maximum is 50 kN/m2. System is designed by making static calculations for other dimensions.
• Other than the standard WOODSET® panel heights, it is possible to finish plywood installation at any lowest height and to create higher panels, using interim dimensions or H20-H20 connection components.
• A smooth concrete is obtained due to the wide and level surface of the formwork.
• It is possible to create column formworks with special section or circular column formworks with project specific components.
• Belts are produced automatically in robotic production lines.
• It is elctrostatic oven baked painted against corrosion.