Frameset Wall Formwork System


Frameset is the most ideal solution which can be used in creating large concrete surfaces. It is applicable to the rough work of all kinds like shear walls, columns, and retaining walls, which may just be the need of construction sites.

Frameset Panel Formwork System comprises 120×60 mm closed cross-sectional profiles of a special form. The system’s resistance to the fresh concrete pressure is 80 kN/m2. Quadratic and rectangular column formworks can practically be obtained at desired dimensions by placing FS MULTI adjustable panels with 5 cm of gaps. A fast circulation of the formworks can be maintained by transporting the panels by a crane. The panels are ready-to-use; therefore – unlike the wooden formworks- no cost is applicable for mounting arrangements. Shear wall and column formworks can be obtained in any dimensions as needed by the horizontal and the vertical use of the standard panels of different widths and heights. The cost of labor to mount and dismount the formwork is low. The external profile and the junction clamps make the panels lockable at each point.

The special form of clamps enables a firm interlocking by hammering the panels to each other. Steel-casting corner wedges facilitate the dismount of the panels and maintain
protection against leverage impacts, sledgehammer blows,
etc., while dismounting. The