Woodset Wooden Girdered Circular Wall Formwork System

WOODSET® Wooden Girder Formwork System consists of 3 main elements such as plywood, wooden girder and steel belt. WOODSET® Wooden Girder Formwork System is a flexible system that can be adapted to different projects and different resistances. It can be used as a shear wall,  and unilateral shear wall, adjustable column formwork in different structures such as industrial structures, infrastructure constructions, superstructure constructions, and supporting retaining shear walls.

• Adaptable in accordance to diverse resistance and diverse dimensions.
• Panels can be transported by cranes without any need to dismount, and this provides savings over labor and time.
• The circulation rate of the formworks increases as the size of the panels increase.
• The resistance of the column formwork of a maximum of 10 meters of height is 90 kN / m², and the resistance of the shear wall formwork of a maximum of 5 meters of height is 50 kN / m². For other measurements, the system is designed following static calculations.
• With the reservation elements, it is possible to create special sectional or circular column formworks.
• A smooth concrete surface is achieved.
• Belts are manufactured by the sub-gas robots in an automated fashion. The painting is electrostatic, Owen-dried, and it is resistant to corrosion.