Propex Hafif ve Dayanıklı Dikme Sistemi

Propex Light & Durable System

It is PROPEX adjustable aluminum prop system. It is three times lighter than steel. The system can be used as single prop system, table formwork system or heavy loading tower. It acts as a carrier according to conventional formwork system. It is possible to work with less labor and faster, compared to conventional formwork system. It can bear loads up to 160 kN per prop system. Its circulation speed is high when used as a Table Formwork System because it can be used without disassembling until the end of the project.

System is created by connecting four PROPEX prop systems by steel cage girders. Its assembly is made by nailing the special connection head and wedge, designed in accordance with the structure of the prop systems. Thanks to the steel cages, it can be carried as a table formwok system. It is used as assemble and disassemble when used as a Heavy Loading Tower System. It conforms to EN 16031 norm.