Scafset Event Stand Systems

Urtim Scafset Stand System, made of high quality material providing strong durability and produced with superior craftsmanship and is Turkey’s first locally produced event system.

Thanks to its light-weight, manually easy-to-mount structure, it provides modular solutions that is suitable for diverse set of needs at various venues.

Our set of standard products based on Urtim Scafset substucture and Urtim Scafset Stand Systems granting fully customised solutions which provide superior elevated sight and comfort, provides efficient and economic solutions suitable for all kinds of surfaces

Steel components are galvanized according to TS EN 1461 and the connection parts are galvanized according to TS EN 4042. All materials are welded in accordance with TS EN 1090-2 standard. All steel pipes comply with TS EN 8481 and EN 39 standard.