Scafset Heavy Loading System

Scafset Heavy Loading Tower System

This is a heavy load bearing scaffolding system with fast and easy set-up, which is comprising 4 types of frame members. Heavy Loading Tower is consisting of main frame member, diagonal connection member and height adjustment members. When utilized as Table Formwork System, it can be used without demounting till the end of project. Tables with high dimensions are formed, such that it is saved from workmanship, time and material.

The system has a high bearing capacity. Its strength is 55 kN per spindle. It is designed by static calculation due to project specifications. Our technical staff makes the solving of the project, calculates the most appropriate amounts of material and delivers to customers together with scaffolding settlement plans, crosssections and technical support is given at in-situ applications. It conforms to TS EN 12812 norm.


  • Fast and easy assembly and formwork disassembly is possible with only 4 types of frame components for different heights.
  • Frames are manufactured automatically with gas robots. The system is electrostatic powder-coated, it can be hot-dipped galvanized coated if desired.
  • It is used without disassembling until the end of the project when used as a Table Formwork System.
  • The system has a high loading capacity.
  • Savings are achieved on labor, time and material amounts by creating tables in large dimensions.
  • Our technical team calculates the most suitable amounts of materials for the project, solved by our team, and delivers them to you with tower layout and cross-sections and technical support is provided on-site for applications.