Flexset Column Formwork System

FLEXSET® is a new generation aluminum panel formwork system which can be used as both columns and wall formwork system.

Same Strength but Much Lighter;
Although aluminum profiles have the same strength as steel, they weigh only 1/3 as much as steel.
Thanks to their max. 56 kg weight per panel, it is a system that is light enough to be carried easily by 2 people.
Therefore, it is the ideal solution for construction sites or applications which do not require a crane or have areas that are hard to reach.

Longer Life;
Use of aluminum materials instead of steel materials that are affected negatively by humidity, precipitation, etc. weather conditions and tend to rust, as a result, ensure a much longer life.

Fast Product Delivery;
Since the use of an aluminum profile does not require paint and galvanizing processes, fast product delivery is ensured.

Environment Friendly;
The aluminum materials that are used are 100% recyclable.

It provides ease of assembly;

Panels are positioned directly on the load-bearing profile and any additional connection apparatus (bolts, pins-cotter pins, etc.) are not needed.

Disassembly After Casting;
Aluminum corner wedges facilitate disassembly of the panel and protect the panel against blows by levers, sledgehammers, etc. during the disassembly stage of panels.

Flexible Application;

The system where different heights and widths are produced with robots also provides solutions for all kinds of L-T-Z and angled intersections.