Woodset Wooden Girdered Column Formwork System

WOODSET® consists of 4 main components, namely plywood, wooden girder, adjustable column belt and adjustable corner bracket. WOODSET® is a flexible system which can be adapted for different projects and strengths.

WOODSET® column formworks enable the casting of columns of diverse dimensions with the help of standard column walers. 115 cm, 145 cm, and 165 cm walers are created in the adjustable column system far the columns of dimensions between 30×30 / 70×70, 70×70 / 1 00xl 00, and 1 00xl 00 / 130xl 30 respectively.

The resistance of column formwork of a maximum of  10 meters is 90 kN/m2 . System is designed by making static calculations for other dimensions.

Other than the standard WOODSET®panel heights, it is possible to finish plywood installation at any low height and to create higher panels, using interim dimensions or H20-H20 connection components.

Belts are produced automatically in gas robots.